• reotemp


    REOTEMP is a globally recognized ISO 9001-2008 manufacturer of temperature and pressure instrumentation. REOTEMP provides bimetal thermometers, pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, RTDs, thermocouples, pressure transmitters, compost thermometers, and related accessories to a variety of process markets worldwide. REOTEMP provides both standard and application specific products and is ready and willing to find a solution to all of your temperature and pressure needs.

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  • qts

    Quest-Tec Solutions

    Quest-Tec Solutions is a young company with a long lineage of quality, experience and care. The development and engineering of the liquid level gage and valve product lines began more than fifty years ago. Our products have been consistently refined and improved to remain one of the industry leaders in liquid level measurement. QTS Level specializes in the development and engineering magnetic level indicators, liquid level gauges and valve product lines. We also manufacture, steam level indicators, and liquid level gauge accessories.

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  • m4knick

    M4 Knick

    M4 Knick provides a wide range of analytical sensors and holder technologies for measuring pH/ORP, conductivity and oxygen.  With decades of experience on staff, along with a unique product solution set, M4 Knick is able to address persistent analytical sensor issues such as accuracy, stability and longevity. These issues lead to high maintenance costs, sensor replacement, and process down time.

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  • nivelco_white


    Manufacturer of a wide range of level control equipment including non-contact radar level, guided microwave level, bypass level indicator, ultrasonic level. Vibration, conductivity, and float based level switches. Capacitance, hydrostatic level transmitters and multi point temperature transmitters.

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  • azil


    Azbil is an industry leader in Flow Measurement technology. Their Temperature Transmitters, Pressure Transmitters, and ElectroMagnetic Flowmeters are renowned for consistent reliability and outstanding value.

    Azbil magnetic flowmeters are now operating in over 100,000 loops worldwide, with more than 10,000 loops in North America alone.

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  • rexa


    REXA combines mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic technology in their groundbreaking Electro-Hydraulic, or Electraulic, Actuators. These compact, innovative devices provide unparalleled stability and precision in the harshest of conditions, while simultaneously tightening control and lowering overall power consumption.

    REXA’s Electraulic Actuators have proven deeply effective in power generation, oil and gas transmission, water treatment, and mining operations. Because industry needs vary, REXA can customize its actuators to provide a wider range of thrust, stroke, torque or rotation. Any application involving precise positioning can benefit.

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